Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Please Consider Adopting These Children

These 3 beautiful children need a loving adoptive home. Would you please consider adopting them? Would you please pass this on to anyone you know that would be willing to open their hearts to these precious children?

These 3 hold a special place in my heart you see, because they are cousins to my daughter. I would like to know that they had a happy ending to their journey through foster care. I have been loosely following these children during their trek in foster care. My daughter still remembers afternoons playing with Adrianna and holding the baby Joseph. So, if at all possible, I would love to preserve this connection for my daughter. Being adopted myself, I am an advocate for maintaining safe and healthy connections for my children.

Please, please, please consider this domestic adoption. Truly, you do not have to travel the globe to find orphans that are in search of a family. They are right here, in our own hometown.

If you would please follow this link to the Nebraska Heart Gallery, you will find more information not only on these children, but others as well.


Christine said...

Oh how I wish we could. They look so sweet holding on to each other.

snickerdoodle said...

Oh my gosh, you are breaking my heart. I wish I could take them. I do know someone I will forward this too though. Also, I can see why your banner photo is your favourite, it's amazing and sweet.

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