Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cooler Weather Hot Tea

Tea makes me feel so happy to be at home. It warms my soul on these wet cool days. It can literally lift my mood or calm my mind.

English Breakfast, Darjeeling, Chai, Roiboos. I think that if Greg were an observant man he could study my moods based on the tea I'm drinking.

I have gone through several teapots and my simple little Bee House has been my favorite. It pours with no drips and it has a mesh insert so I don't have to strain my tea. And the final test of all things culinary ... dishwasher safe! (Did you know that crocks shoes are also top rack dishwasher safe? That's just an example of my insistence of dishwasher safe items in my life. It's becoming a hobby to toss things in the dishwasher.)

If you love tea, check out The Tea Smith. They also sell the embossed canisters for loose tea. I haven't seen such nice tight canisters anywhere else.


Mirth said...

Sounds good. When are you going to make me a cup of tea?

loavesandfishes said...

come on over!

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