Wednesday, September 3, 2008

All I need is some Foie Gras

We had this Sauternes at V.Mertz and are crazy for it. Alexander (the BEST waiter at Mertz) was kind enough to write out down the info so we could purchase more at Whole Foods. The rumor at Whole Foods is that the vintage is about gone. We own a half case so far and have ordered more. I love my "vintage" home for many reasons and one is that it has a perfect cellar. No need for a wine refrigerator. I love to stock up on yummy wines. I'm no collector, but I do place wine in the staples category.

On the way home tonight I stopped by La Buvette in the Old Market and purchased all but one bottle along with some cheese and chocolate. Living downtown has made me fall in love with Omaha. V.Mertz, La Buvette, M's Pub, Nouvelle Eve, the Farmer's Market, the Flat Iron, and all the funky shops. My perfect afternoon is sitting outside at La Buvette with Greg, just exploring random thoughts and ideas. I get lost in his company.

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