Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Safari Dreams

I want to return to the Kruger National Park and take my kids with me. I want to spend endless days exploring this magnificent park. Bird watching. Animal sightings. Sun ups. Sun downs. Curfews. Brai parties. Identifying spoor. The sounds and smells. The night sky with the Southern Cross. Take it all in and in and in. This park is a jewel. Forget Disney, I'll take safari.

I have been following a couple of safari bloggers to inspire my savings account. I ran across this post and couldn't take my eyes off of the video. I had to share it with my kid crew. They loved it too. The cape buffalo is underestimated by tourists. They are part of the "Big Five" for a reason after all. They are mean. They are dangerous. They are also very, very yummy and my favorite steak in the whole world.

This video is amazing. Absolutely remarkable and just plain luck to catch it on tape. It is all drama, the best kind with a surprise ending.

(I'm still trying to order Cape Buffalo steaks in the US but haven't had any success. If anyone has any tips on Cape Buffalo suppliers, please let me know. Mouth watering here.)


Octamom said...

How awesome! I can't get enough of safari-type documentaries. I saw on the other night with two guys who constructed a plexi-glass box with breathing holes and situated themselves in a lion feeding area and attached an animal carcass to the box. They were able to video the lions from this vantage--it was incredible!

Would love to hear more about your adventures!


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

What a wonderful blog you have. Hi from New Zealand. Weren't you lucky going to Kruger. My two girls keep asking me if we can go. We'll have to save for a while. One day we will there. Hope the weather is still being kind to you over in Nebraska.

All the best to you and your family

Lori Stucky said...

Absolutely fantastic video! Wow...

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